I am an entrepreneur, spending most of my time actively working with a few companies.

In Dialogue Technologies I am founder, CEO, and a major shareholder. Dialogue Technologies is a world leader in free-format voice control of applications with customers like Sony Ericsson, NAVTEQ, SAAB and Volvo Cars. Dialogue Technologies' main focus is business-to-business sales to large international customers. A sample of Dialogue Technologies offering is in the video below (click on the logotype and follow the link).


Ikonoskop is a camera manufacturer for professional digital cameras using images in RAW format. The company was founded by a group of well established film makers and I serve as advisior and share holder. Read more by clicking on the image below.

Ikonoskop, A-CAM dII


Satsafe, where I served as CEO and chairman of the board, is a pioneer in position-aware security solutions. The comany was sold to LOTS Security AB in May 2010. Click on the logotype below for more information.

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