My primary focus is working with high-tech companies, whether they are established multi-nationals or growth companies.
I have a long experience from working in, working with, and
supporting high-tech companies. With a past in both telecommunication infrastructure equipment and in the fast-moving consumer electronics industries I have built up a solid competence in how to manage high-tech companies and businesses. I have extensive experience from managing international operations, with direct responsibility for an organization spread over three continents. I have been an early entrant in setting up production in cost-effective countries in Asia.

For growth companies focus is on the process of bringing an idea to market launch, setting up and organizing:
- Product development strategy, processes, and organization
- Product provisioning and manufacturing
- Business and profitability analysis
- Go-to-market plans
- Building an organization
- Setting up necessary commercial agreements and
- Securing initial customers.

For the more established high-tech companies the focus is more narrow and revolves around:
- Product development strategy, processes, and organization
- Project reviews
- Industrialization and product provisioning
- Managing a global organization
- Setting up and developing international technology and product relationships (joint ventures, outsourcing, international
cooperation projects, etc.)

For larger projects I cooperate with Time Zone, leading experts in growing high-tech businesses.

What is the next step?
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Joakim Ingers, Ph. D.

Phone: +46 70 5903948