This picture was taken 
when I was four years old.


At seven I made my first 
trip to USA, on my own. 
At this time this was 
sufficiently uncommon to 
render me an article in the
local newspaper.


After my military service as an interpreter I got a job at  the Swedish embassy in Moscow. Here I am filling  gasoline at a Moscow gas  station.  

Eva, Isabelle, Joakim, and Jaco

A photograph taken at the wedding 
between me and Eva.

Me sitting together with our daughter 
Isabelle inside the Louisiana museum 
of modern art outside Copenhagen.  

My wife Eva and our son Jacob taken 
at the wedding of Eva’s brother.  


Jacob running 
on a beach in 

On a tour to South Africa with the 
Industrial Research Committee of the 
Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering 
Sciences. Besides visits to various 
industries we also managed to squeeze 
in a two-day safari.  


I enjoy all kinds of sports and in particular I am a keen sailor. I have been racing in both national and European championships. This picture was taken at the Swedish national championships some years ago.