Fibre-to-the home trial  
In 1994 the α-lab, which I managed, delivered one of the world's first Fibre-To-The-Home trials in Ballerup, Denmark. 54 households were offered broadband services.

In 1998 the Bluetooth Special Interests Group was formed to create a standard for ultra low cost short haul wireless radio links. Bluetooth has developed into a world standard found in hundreds of millions of mobile phones, computers, wireless head-sets, etc. I was responsible for the team that developed the first Bluetooth base band architecture.

Symbian   In 1998 I became one of the founding fathers of Symbian, an industry alliance between Psion, Nokia, Ericsson, and Motorola aimed at creating an industry standard platform for mobile operating systems. In 2006 more than 100 M handsets with Symbian OS was delivered.

R380 - The world's first Smartphone based on Symbian OS


  In 1999 at CeBIT we presented the world's first phone based on Symbian OS, beating Nokia to the finishing line. The R380 was also the phone for which the term Smartphone was coined. It was released in 2000, awarded the prize Innovation of the Year in 2001 and featured in the CBS show 60 minutes. The R380 phone was featured in the Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies.

In 2000 we launched the R310, a ruggedized phone for tough outdoor use. Over the years the R301, or Marina as she was called, has developed into the undisputed champion of ruggedized phones an the one all others are measured against - even in 2010!

P800 - The world's first phone with a buil-in camera

The P800 phone was the last phone I had the privilege to develop for Sony Ericsson. It was also the first time anyone had put a camera in a GSM phone. This set a new standard. The P800 was a great commercial success.


In 2002-2003 Dialogue Technologies was founded capitalizing on years of development in artificial intelligence. Dialogue Technologies delivers free-format speech interfaces and was awarded the price Innovation if the Year in 2002.

Speech control of the infortainment system in a car   In cooperation with Volvo Cars we built a free-format speech control front-end for an in-car audio system in 2006. The user simply asks for the song he/she wants to listen to - in his own language with his own words! Check it out here!
Satsafe   In 2007 I acquired Satsafe a pioneer in GPS-enabled security solutions. The company was a turn-around case and we have restructured it to focus in products for consumer use. The company sells its products through major consumer electronics stores, like MediaMarkt.