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Welcome to my homepage. The purpose of this homepage is to present myself. Here you will also find copies of slides from my presentations, contact information, as well as a presentation of selected parts of my work.

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A-CAM dII proffessional camera
Check out the footage shot with the A-CAM dII camera here.
Start Hyundai Cup
Watch the video from last year's Hunday Cup where the Xplorer team, sail number 16532, finished 2nd in a fleet with close to 150 boats. The best images are towards the end (3.20 and onwards).
    News update
2011-01-20   The field trial with the Personal DJ commences. Initail results are very promising.
2010-11-29   The first A-CAM dII units from Ikonoskop are delivered to waiting customers. The camera is one-of-a-kind.
2010-09-25   Dialogue Technologies secures a large-scale field trial with a European car manufacturer for the Personal DJ. The system runs on Android.
2010-09-20   The Xplorer sail racing team wins the silver medal in the ORC world championships for amateur crews and a total 6th place for both professional and amateur boats.
2010-09-01   I engage myself in the professional camera maunufacturer Ikonoskop. See more on
2010-07-07   The Xplorer sail racing team finishes 2nd in the national championships in offshore racing and 2nd in Gotland Runt
2010-05-15   Satsafe is sold to LOTS Security AB


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